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Dr Kyle Meers Thyroid Reviews
Dr Kyle Meers Thyroid Training Reviews
Dr Kyle Meers Thyroid Training Course Reviews

Revolutionize Thyroid Health with This Natural, Epigenetic-Based Approach

Dr Kyle Meers Reviews

After trying everything under the sun, Mary came to me as her last resort.

Her day-to-day life was riddled with anxiety.

She was starving herself in a desperate attempt to lose weight to end the 24/7 pressure of bloating.

It was so bad, she was planning her entire life around her gut problems.

Not to mention bad rashes and skin issues popping up for no reason whatsoever.

And when she wanted to be a little productive and get something done?

She thought her brain was trapped in an endless fog that was so bad she lost focus after a few seconds.

Some days were so bad she struggled to muster up the strength to even take a walk

After trying everything under the sun, she came to me as her last hope.

We got to work implementing our signature Thyroid Health Reset system

…and developed a roadmap to outline exactly what she needed to do to move her health in the right direction.

The Result...

In just a few minutes a day everything started to change.

Her gut problems were gone faster than she thought possible!

Her skin and hair loss issues completely disappeared into thin air.

And best of all...

She lost over 20bs!

She did this without following a restrictive diet or slogging on a treadmill for hours.

I have now helped hundreds of women rapidly reset their thyroid naturally so they have the FREEDOM to live their BEST LIFE!

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Curious to know how this works?

Here is the secret:

You DON’T need to…

❌ Buy another $7 cookbook (that’s filled with nothing but crappy tasting recipes and a whole lotta turmeric)...

❌ Starve for hours on end…

❌ Restrict from eating every single food under the sun…

❌ Try yet another supplement that works for 'everyone else' but never works for you…

❌ Suffer on a treadmill for hours on end…

❌ Get another (expensive) diagnosis…

…or even have to travel to another doctor’s office to hear your labs are normal and you should keep on suffering.

So what’s the easiest way to transform your thyroid if you feel like you’ve already tried everything?

Step #1: Get Clear on the Epigenetic Cause

Eliminate the guesswork with my epigenetic mapping assessment. We will help you to unlock the 'fundamental source' of your thyroid symptoms with pinpoint precision.

Step #2: Build Out Your Blueprint

Let our team help you build out a nutrition and lifestyle plan that seamlessly integrates into your busy lifestyle. No radical changes required, just simple, achievable steps for lasting results.

Step #3: Implement Your Plan

Unleash Your Health Potential in Just 20 Minutes a Day! Use the latest 'Patient Activation' science to effortlessly implement life-changing lifestyle and nutrition strategies.

See what others are saying...

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Our Amazing Team!

Dr. Kyle Meers...

During the first 12 years of my career, I worked in a brick and mortar health practice, where I met with my clients individually, following the traditional routine of seeing them a few times a year.

However, deep down, I knew that this approach wasn't optimal for serving my clients.

Eventually, I pursued additional training from renowned doctors and groups in the industry, including Dr. Datis Kharazzian, Institute for Transformational Nutrition, AIP, FTN, and many others.

This training led to a complete transformation of our model. I sold my brick and mortar practice and transitioned to exclusively working with people online.

This shift not only expanded our reach and allowed us to help individuals across the country, but it also enabled us to recruit some of the world's finest health coaches.

Additionally, we implemented the science of 'Patient Activation' to assist our clients in effectively implementing our systems.

As a result, we witnessed a significant improvement in our outcomes and achieved remarkable results!

Outside of my professional life, I devote a substantial amount of time to my wife, Jacklyn, and our daughter, Lola. We enjoy traveling, experimenting with new cuisines, and embracing the outdoors.

Dr Kyle Meers and Jacklyn Meers
Bridget Du Haime

Bridget Du Haime

Bridget has been on a 10 year journey overcoming debilitating symptoms of her own. She is our primary health coach and nutrition expert and ensures our clients reach their goals and get top notch results.

Jacklyn Meers

Jacklyn Meers

Jacklyn is Dr. Meers' wife and helps manage all the behind the scenes components of the company. She was a collegiate gymnast and completed her studies in Health and Wellness.


Our Doctor Network

Dr. Meers is connected with the most cutting edge doctors in the industry. Combined our network has thousands of case studies and positive outcomes in natural medicine.

Now, if you've read this far...

What if you could wake up with

unstoppable energy

and feel 25 years younger?

And be that person on the brochure…right? 🙂

Thyroid Courses Online
Thyroid Disease Masterclass Training

What if feeling full of energy everyday, a clear mind, and melting off belly fat

suddenly became uncomplicated…

And what if you could actually get on the fast track

in as little as little as 30 days?

Thyroid Training Dr Kyle Meers

That’s exactly what I cover in my thyroid epigenetic crash course…

If You've Got Questions:

What specific thyroid problems do you work with?

We work with clients dealing with Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism and every symptom associated with each of those.   Most common would be:  weight gain, brain fog, energy issues, sleep issues, hair loss, skin concerns, gut issues, and many more!  

What if I don't have a thyroid?

We can still help!  Removing the thyroid is like removing gum on the bottom of a shoe.  You never get it all, and what is left can cause problems and symptoms.  We have had many clients over the years implement holistic changes and still get results.

Do you recommend medication?

No.  We strictly work in the holistic world and use only natural methods.  We do work with our clients and their doctors to reduce medication as the thyroid starts functioning better.

What if I don't have a thyroid diagnosis?

No problem at all!  Many thyroid problems aren't diagnosed right away.  Also, many of the clients we have consulted with knew they had a problem despite their traditional doctors not really listening to them. 

Do I have to come to an office?

No!  The program is all online and we work virtually with all of our clients.

How do i work with you?

The first step is to watch our short training on our Thyroid Epigenetic Mapping process. Click Here to watch!

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